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How to manage your lump sum move

GMS allows you the ability to manage your international moving requirements seamlessly

GMS offers a range of moving and relocation service options directly for you where you have been provided with a cash allowance, aka, “Lump Sum” to move, by your employer.

When relocating with GMS you can select and buy moving and relocation services that are flexible and designed to meet varying budgets and your personal requirements.

GMS works with you our customer to ensure you budget effectively and importantly only select the services you need.

International moving, even for the seasoned traveller, can be a complex process and working with our experienced teams we want to ensure ‘peace of mind’ and deliver services without compromise and within budget.

GMS provide services worldwide, through our approved ‘Global Partner Network,’ ensuring centralised management is aligned to expert local delivery.

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Many HR, Mobility, Recruitment and Graduate Leaders are choosing to adopt a cash-based relocation allowance approach for their employees moving overseas. Aiming to reduce administration time and effectively manage costs there is a known risk of allowing employees to buy services from unverified or unqualified sources, to save money.

In 2018 GMS was set up to deliver moving services to private individuals wanting to move internationally. By 2020, 80% of GMS customers were moving for work related reasons and were directly or indirectly funded by their employer.

To meet the needs of these customers GMS introduced a flexible moving program that mitigates the risks of moving and at the same time enabled the linking of relocation services. Allowing you to move with peace of mind and focused on your new job!

Maximise the benefits

GMS specialises in managing global relocation services for individuals and families moving overseas to work.

When you are provided with a cash-based relocation allowance the team at GMS ensure they manage the moving requirements within budget, with all services being delivered from within our approved ‘Global Partner Network’ ensuring we deliver great value and service on every move.

Minimise the risk

GMS takes away the risk of searching online and making buying decisions that could dramatically impact the success of an international move.

Companies providing ‘relocation allowances’ can simply provide their employees with a link to our GMS Services Team, who will coordinate the relocation anywhere in the world.

Flexibility without compromise

Virtual move planning

Budget management

Specialist service partners

Fully insured

GMS provide flexible cash based lump sum relocation options. A high percentage of customers, whilst making their own service choices, are often influenced by their company culture, and looking for the comfort that they can be moved and mobilised professionally so they can focus on starting their new job. As personal requirements, timelines and budgets vary our adaptable blended approach aligned to an individual’s needs is a pragmatic way forward.

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