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Money Transfers with GMS XTRA

How To Move Money Abroad

Wherever you go, you will always need access to your personal funds. You will need a way to pay for accommodation, food, and any other daily expenses ...

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Canadian flag flying over a cityscape with the sun setting

Where Can I Move to from Canada

There are endless reasons for a move abroad, from better work prospects to a better quality of life. But with so much documentation and additional bur...

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Panoramic view of buitrago del lozoya sierra de madrid buitrago del lozoya spain

Canada to Spain

An international move is a hugely exciting thing, with brand new opportunities, connections, and activities to discover and enjoy across the globe. If...

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Flags of the united kingdom and the european union

Can I Live in Europe After Brexit

Leaving the European Union has left most of us in a daze. The changes in rules throughout the leaving process were confusing and difficult to follow. ...

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Panorama of hallstatt village and hallstatter see austria

Moving from the UK to Austria

Things to Know About Moving to Austria from the UK Austria is a fascinating and beautiful country, full of unique culture and history, so it’s no wond...

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Vienna skyline, panoramic view on the danube and the roads

Best Places to Live in Austria

For such a small country, there is a real variety of incredible cities and towns across Austria, drawing thousands of people for long term stays every...

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view of famous historic hallstatt, Austria

Culture Guide: Should I Move To Austria?

Located right in the middle of western Europe, Austria has just about everything you could ever want. With deep and varied history, incredible landsca...

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Puerto Madero - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Culture Guide: Should I Move To Argentina?

Sitting at the bottom of our planet, Argentina is a truly fascinating country to visit. Full of rich history and diverse culture, Argentina is slowly ...

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Citysape of ushuaia southernmost city of the world province of tierra del fuego argentina

What are the best cities in Argentina?

Moving to Argentina promises to be an unforgettable adventure for you and your family, but there are plenty of decisions to be made before moving day....

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Cable car over Copacabana and downtown Rio de Janeiro from sugarloaf mountain at golden hour

Where is the best place to live in South America?

With more and more businesses around the world re-evaluating their way of working, remote working is opening up more opportunities to move further afi...

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