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    UK to Argentina Visa Requirements

    If you are considering moving to Argentina from the UK, it’s important that you visit this incredible country before making any big decisions. Luckily, British nationals are able to travel from the UK to Argentina without a visa, granted that your visit doesn’t last more than 90 days and that the purpose is strictly for tourism purposes. Note that a valid UK passport is essential, and ensure that your passport has at least 6 months of validity remaining at the time of travel.

    If you wish to work in Argentina after moving from the UK, you will need to apply for a work visa. If you are working for more than 3 months,  a temporary work visa will also grant you temporary residency in Argentina for your time there. This process will involve a criminal records check in both countries, as well as an official letter from your employer in Argentina confirming that they will hire you for at least 1 year.

    How to Move to Argentina

    You will need to apply for a temporary residence visa to move to Argentina, before applying for permanent residence when you move to the country. If you have a relative that was born in Argentina then you may be able to apply for permanent residence before you decide on moving to the country.

    When it comes to gaining permanent residency, this can be a more difficult process for UK expats moving to Argentina. The Argentinian government are fairly strict in permitting permanent residency to foreign entrants. To be considered, Brits will need to:

    • Already possess a work / temporary residence visa.
    • Provide a certificate of good conduct & proof of funds.
    • Make a financial contribution of  1,500,000 Argentine Pesos in production, commercial or service activity.

    Cost of Living in Argentina

    With their economic recovery still in progress, UK expats living in Argentina will find it a relatively cheap place to reside. This includes everyday expenses, like groceries and restaurant bills, as well as renting property, which can be as low as £175 a month for a one-bedroom apartment in the middle of a city. Of course, this is less dramatic when considering the lower average income in Argentina. Note that prices can soar in the capital of Buenos Aires so this could be a factor when deciding where to live in Argentina.


    Healthcare in Argentina

    Similarly to the UK, Argentina offers basic free healthcare to its residents, which UK expats can benefit from when living there. Many people opt for private healthcare for more coverage, shorter waiting times, and better quality care. You can choose to take out health insurance to cover costs or simply pay private medical fees upfront should you require medical attention.


    Living in Argentina

    When moving to Argentina from the UK, you will likely be struck by the strong influences from other European countries. Many of the people living in Argentina today have descended from European immigrants throughout history, so there is a strong international sense in Argentinian cities, particularly in Buenos Aires. The Argentinian people are typically passionate, unreserved, and love to socialise. The 4 meals a day provide ample opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, as well as to enjoy an array of delectable dishes.

    The unique South American customs and culture are fiercely protected and shared with visitors by Argentinians, including sport, art, and cuisine. Moving to Argentina is a great opportunity to enjoy art in all its forms, from galleries to dancing.

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