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Global Moving Services aim to offer the best moving advice to all of our clients moving to different countries around the world. Below is a selection of important information and advice to consider before undertaking an international move.

Make sure you’re allowed to move

If you’re purchasing an international removal service, or even just at the stage of getting quotes from an international removal company; first make sure that you’re permitted to make this move, or that you’re in the process of getting permission to move.

Many people growing up in the EU, experience free movement of goods, services and people. This means that citizens of the EU aren’t always aware that you need a lot of things in place before moving to a country outside of the EU.

Most countries will require copies/originals of your passport, visa, residency permit, as well as other approval forms if you’re thinking about moving your pets, car or antiques. Our country removal advice pages will help with this in more detail. The last thing you want to do is undertake an international removal service without the correct documentation in place.

If you’re not sure, speak to an Embassy

Moving people is far more complex than moving your household items. We always recommend speaking to someone at the relevant embassy and letting them know that you’re thinking about moving abroad. The embassy will help you understand what is required whether it be transporting a few boxes, or a large scale relocation. As international laws change frequently and often at short notice, the embassies themselves are always the best place to get accurate and up to date information regarding import/export requirements and the necessary documentation you need before purchasing an international removal service. You can find your nearest embassy here.

Make sure you are financially prepared

Depending on the scale of the international removal you’re making, a relocation could cost you quite a lot of money. Global Moving Services is guaranteed to offer you the most cost effective international removal service, but there are always other costs to moving that you need to consider.

There will often be import duties on numerous removal goods; check the relevant country removal guide to see what will be dutiable. Certain countries will often levy taxes on local services when importing certain removal goods into the country.

We always recommend keeping a bit of money to one side as security to cover any issues that may arise in the worst case scenario.

One major thing people do not often consider, which could save you thousands of pounds/euros/dollars, is exchanging your currency. Moving to another country more often than not, means that you’ll need to move your money as well. Most people think that they need to use their bank to do this, but this is not true. Global Moving Services works very closely with Global Reach which will offer you the best rate of exchange on your currency transfer. They also offer preferential rates to all Global Moving Services clients undertaking an international removal service.

Get your international move insured

Most insurance you currently have, or could take out, will not cover you for your life in another country. Standard home or travel insurance will not usually cover you for an international removal service also. Global Moving Services can offer you a full insurance policy on your belongings when moving abroad. All you need to do is ask your Move Manager

Check your health cover

Before your move, it’s important to consider that some countries have free health cover, but others do not. Make sure you’re in the process of getting health insurance or have begun the necessary registration process.

Make sure your family is ready

Starting a new life in another country can be more difficult for the rest of the family. Always consider checking on schools, health services and local facilities before moving to an area. Every city, town or even village has its own ups and downs.

There can often be a lot of waiting involved in an international removal service, that’s why we are always committed to giving you the best up to date information about scheduling and are one of the only companies in the World that will give you fixed collection and delivery dates on standard European removal services. Having fixed dates like this, means that you can plan around your removal much better and possibly even book that holiday in between.

Make sure everyone has the necessary vaccinations, especially your pets, and get them registered with their new vet as soon as possible. We always consider your pets to be another member of your family, that’s why we only work with the best pet transportation services.

Here’s a handy moving guide for the entire international relocation process to make sure you remember everything important.

Make sure you know all the rules relevant to your move abroad

Every country has its own rules and laws which you should review before moving. Whether it’s as simple as which side of the road to drive on, to unique tax codes. All of these things are massively important to find out before your move and commit to a new life abroad. If you’re unsure, the embassy is always the best place to ask. You can find your nearest embassy here.

How much do you want to take with you?

Generally speaking, the more you move, the more expensive the service will be. However, the cost of moving all of your goods to another country will usually be much cheaper than buying them new after you’ve moved.

Before you get a quote from an international removal company, it’s important to separate the things that you can’t live without from the things you could dispose of if necessary. Always remember that you could be without certain things for some time whilst they are shipped round the world to your new life, so take the essentials in your suitcase.

Global Moving Services is set up to take care of every eventuality. As part of your international removal service, we can dispose of unwanted things, keep your belongings in secure storage, or even fast track them by air if required urgently.

Always check what you are allowed to send also. Have a read of the necessary country removal guide to ensure that all items you want to move are permitted entry at customs. It is very important that you adhere to this, as an international removal company is always at the liberty of the Government in the relevant country.

Here’s a very useful volume calculator that you can use to work out the size of everything you’re moving.

Decide what kind of removal service you want

Global Moving Services can cater to almost any service you require, so never fear asking about the little things. We can offer many different things for your international removal; it all depends on the level of care you require.

Do you want us to pack your belongings for you? We’ll gladly do this, just ask us to include it in your removal quote. Take a look at our removal services for more information, or ideally just pick up the phone and give us a call, we’re always happy to help out and talk to you one on one.

Here’s a useful information form that’ll help tell us the exact requirements you need. We recommend completing this and the cubic calculator and emailing it to for a truly accurate quotation.

Make sure you use an accredited and proven removal company!

Anyone can quote you for an international removal service and many people only do this once in their life. This means that you’ll often not know what to look out for and what’s important to you when getting a removal quote. For more information about this click here.

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