Sea Freight Services

For international moves, international sea freight services are the ideal choice. Large shipments can be transported across the globe safely and securely, making it perfect for household items when you are moving your life overseas. GMS ensure maximum security during your international move using sea freight services, no matter the size of your personal possessions. Whether you hope to bring your favourite vase or a grandfather clock, your belongings will remain unscathed throughout sea freight shipping.

What is Sea Freight Shipping?

Often called ocean freight, sea freight is one of the oldest methods of shipping items internationally, using large containers stored on cargo ships. Large quantities of products, both commercially by large companies and domestically by international expats, can be transported with ease, normally more cost-effectively than other overseas shipping methods. Sea freight is so popular that around 90% of all goods travel around the world via the ocean.

How much does Sea Freight cost?

Sea freight is known to be the most cost-effective way to transport household goods internationally. Like any other method of shipping, the cost of sea freight shipping is calculated based on a number of different charges. The weight of your goods and the amount of space it takes up in a sea crate will be the main determining factor in how much your sea freight shipment could cost, usually with a fixed rate per kg square. Other determining factors could include:

  • Customs charges
  • Insurance
  • Routing charges
  • Pickup & delivery charges

What are the types of Sea Freight shipping?

When we consider sea freight, there are two types of sea freight shipping services. These can change the price and the manner in which your goods are transported. The first is LCL, which stands for less than container load, and the second is FCL, which stands for full container load.

LCL means that you will not have enough goods to fill a whole sea freight container. Instead of having a container all to yourself, you will share a shipping container with other goods, sharing the cost with another person.

Alternatively, FCL is ideal for people with enough goods to fill an entire container. Your household goods and personal items will be stored in a shipping container, completely untouched and secure before arriving at your destination port.

Sea Freight Shipping Containers

We understand that you might be transporting valuable possessions, which means we want to do everything we can to ensure their safety en route. GMS are able to build bespoke sea freight crates to suit your exact amount of belongings, ensuring that your items are safe and secure on their journey across the ocean. Whether it’s a small vase, a grandfather clock or even a motorcycle, we’ll take care of it.