Professional Packing & Moving Services for your Prized Possessions

When your surroundings are transforming in a major way, it can be reassuring to have familiar items around you, especially items that are important or needed daily. Packing your belongings during a move, particularly an international move, can be a stressful experience. With so much to think about, ensuring the safety of your items requires time, care and attention to detail. Each item should be examined carefully and packaged according to how fragile it is and how long it will be in transit before it reaches its final destination.

The quality of your packing affects the smallest knick knacks to the most valuable possessions in your home, which is why GMS offer full-service packing and moving assistance to ease your moving process.

Why Choose GMS' Packing Services?

It can be easy to think that packing your items is the easiest part of a move. When it comes down to it, packing for a removal is incredibly stressful, time-consuming, and crucially important for the success of your move. The last thing you need is to arrive at your destination not knowing where your essential belongings are, or even finding them broken upon arrival. That’s why we recommend our quality packing services. The benefits of professional packing and moving services include:

  • Quality packing materials
  • Smooth unpacking
  • Trained team of packers
  • Flexible services around your requirements

With so much experience in national and global removals, we know exactly what is required to keep your items safe and secure en route. Our professionally trained removals teams have packed and handled a wide range of items, so you can rest assured they know exactly what they are doing.

Packing for International Removal

Whether you are shipping your items via sea freight or air freight, it’s vital that your items are packed correctly. This means not only securely packed but also in an organised way. This is to ensure not only the safety of your items but also that the unpacking process is as seamless as possible. Our professionally trained team of packers knows exactly how to protect your items from unavoidable rough handling or turbulence on board.

Furthermore, labelling and careful planning allow for easy recognition of your items should they be mixed with others. Our packing and moving services fit seamlessly together, meaning far less for you to worry about and more time spent on planning your new life abroad.

Full Packing Service Cost UK

Packing services are often provided as part of wider removals packages but can be organised as a one-off cost. Packing services in the UK range from £250 to £500 depending on the size of your home or office space. It is usually also much more cost-effective to opt for a full removals service.

Our Range of Comprehensive Packing Services

GMS has a team of moving experts. We understand that every move is different, so we are entirely flexible about the packing services we provide. From a door-to-door pack and move service to simply providing you with the right materials, there is sure to be a packing service right for you with GMS. We offer:

  • Comprehensive Packing Services
  • Removals Packing for Fragile Items
  • Owner-Packed Service

Packing Service FAQs

What is meant by a full-service packing service?

A full-service packing offer is what it says on the tin. Everything before and after your removal, from door to door, is covered by a full packing service. This is the most comprehensive way to ensure your items are kept safe and secure while also easing the moving process for you and your family.

Is it worth paying for packing services when moving home?

Despite the additional cost upfront, utilising the expertise of our professional packing teams is worth it when it comes to moving home. With more efficient packing methods, your items will take up far fewer boxes and packing materials, saving you money on these resources in the long run. When it comes to unpacking in your new home, you’ll also save valuable time and find your most important belongings much quicker with the help of our teams, speeding up your settling-in process considerably.