We manage a regular consolidation and groupage service to destinations all over the globe, with clearance and delivery already arranged for you with certified and trusted overseas partners.

Please consult the below schedule for an up to date listing of all our scheduled shipments. Should you require more information for each each shipment, please simply click the ‘Enquire’ button.

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Our Latest Consolidation and Shipping Schedule

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*Shipments are listed by Closing date

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Container ship icon    Thurrock, UK

20th October 2022

28th October 2022

Dubai, UAE

Container ship icon    Thurrock, UK

25th October 2022

25th October 2022

Cape Town, South Africa

Container ship icon    Thurrock, UK

26th October 2022

7th November 2022

Auckland, NZ

Container ship icon    Thurrock, UK

14th November 2022

26th November 2022

New York, USA

Container ship icon    Thurrock, UK

16th November 2022

3rd December 2022

New York, USA

Disclaimer: All information listed above is based upon current scheduling and availability within the industry. We are confident in the information provided, however will not offer a guarantee based on the above as timetables and circumstances are always subject to change at short notice.