Visas for Moving to Toronto

    For those wanting to move to Toronto from the UK, you will, of course, need a visa to permit entrance and long-term stays in the city. You will need to choose the correct type of visa, which will depend on the circumstances of your moving to Canada. This can depend on a variety of factors, including the length of your stay, whether you plan to work in Canada, and whether you are moving with family or alone. You can find out more about Canadian visas and immigration programmes on our moving to Canada guide.

    Working in Toronto

    If you are in the planning process of moving to Toronto from the UK, getting a job that is based in Toronto can be a great way to ease or speed up the visa application process. Canadian employers and colleagues may even be in a position to offer guidance or even assistance with your application, which can significantly improve your chance of success.

    One of the biggest pull factors to Toronto is the diverse and fast-growing economy. With such a large population, if including the Greater Toronto Area, you could be facing some fierce competition for more sought-after job opportunities, but it is generally not as difficult as one might think to find a job in Toronto. In fact, Toronto is seen as one of the best cities to find a job in Canada. So, if you’re keen to work in a Canadian city, look no further than this diverse and exciting place. To increase your chances of getting a good job in Toronto, it’s a good idea to look into the skills and qualifications needed for some key and in-demand industries in the city. Key industries in Canada include:

    • Finance
    • Life Sciences
    • Tourism
    • Film/TV
    • Technology

    If you haven’t already secured a position in Toronto, it’s a good idea to start your Canadian job search as soon as possible. Starting before you move can be difficult, but job search websites such as Eluta, Toronto Jobs, and Jobs Toronto can be an excellent places to start.

    Finding Housing in Toronto

    While Toronto is an excellent choice when it comes to moving away from the UK, the word has unfortunately spread, meaning it’s a city in demand. Investors, business owners, and expats alike are keen for a piece of the city that, like any city, drives up property prices.

    It’s vital that you are realistic about your property prospects – finding a detached property in the city below $1 million will prove difficult. Rental prices are also steep: Comparing London to Toronto, the price of a 1 bedroom property in Toronto equates to £1,170/mo whereas in London it could be around £1,700. And that’s if you can even find a vacant apartment or house. If moving alone, finding roommates to live with will drive down living costs dramatically and ensure you aren’t alone in this huge city.

    Where Should I Live in Toronto?

    As in any large city, it can be difficult to decide which neighbourhood to settle down in when moving to Toronto. Each part of the city has a unique identity, population, and lifestyle, which means you’ll need to find the best one for your way of living and personal needs. Take into account where your job will be, the public transport links you’ll need, and the crime rate. We have listed some recommendations for different types of people below.

    Single Professionals

    Neighbourhoods in the West End of Toronto are often a hub for young, creative young people. Students and staff at the University of Toronto are among the typically younger population in this area of the city, which means that some neighbourhoods cater to lower budgets – an excellent place for great food and nightlife too!

    Family Life

    Midtown Toronto has some excellent spots for both professionals and families with children. With more affordable property and great amenities, as well as green spaces, you couldn’t choose a better place to live with your young family. There are also good transport connections to both uptown and downtown. Danforth Greektown and Leslieville in the East End of the city is also excellent and safe neighbourhood for families moving to Toronto.


    If you are working in the downtown core of Toronto, you will want to live somewhere with good transport links to this district of the city. Liberty Village in the West End is a convenient location for those looking to commute, with more and more amenities as the population develops. Some suburban neighbourhoods around the city also offer good commuter links to Toronto and are also popular with families moving to Toronto.

    Things to Know Before Moving to Toronto

    Like any move, especially an overseas move, it will take time before feeling completely settled after moving to Toronto from the UK. Living in Toronto might feel particularly daunting if you struggle to make friends or if you don’t have family in the large city. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are a few things you should be aware of before moving to Toronto.

    • Climate: Toronto is what’s known as a ‘four-season city’, meaning you’ll know when the season changes. Summers are sweltering, Winters are snow-filled, Springs are wet, and Autumns are stunning. Be prepared for all weather eventualities.
    • Public Transport: While public transport spans a large area of the city, people living in Toronto often complain about the time it takes to travel from one place to another. Leave plenty of time for your journey, or source a bicycle or car-share to help.

    Moving to Toronto could be a leap in the right direction for you and your family. We can take the stress out of your move and ensure you can start your new life as quickly as possible. For assistance with your overseas move, wherever you want to end up, get a quote with Global Moving Services.


    Disclaimer: Customs regulations can change at any time with or without notice. This information is provided as a guide only. While Global Moving Services has exercised reasonable care in publishing this information, Global Moving Services makes no representation, either expressed or implied, as to its accuracy or applicability.