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Flags of the united kingdom and the european union

Can I Live in Europe After Brexit

Leaving the European Union has left most of us in a daze. The changes in rules throughout the leaving process were confusing and difficult to follow. ...

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Panorama of hallstatt village and hallstatter see austria

Moving from the UK to Austria

Things to Know About Moving to Austria from the UK Austria is a fascinating and beautiful country, full of unique culture and history, so it’s no wond...

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Snow covered mountain surrounded by pine trees in Banff, Canada

Visa Requirements: Moving to Canada from the UK

With its dramatic seasons, stunning scenery, and notoriously friendly population, it’s no wonder that hundreds of Brits make the decision to move to C...

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Visa application composition with australian flag

How To Get Your Working Visa For Australia

Hundreds of people move to Australia from the UK every year, many of these people drawn by work opportunities on the other side of the world. Like any...

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