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Tips for Making your Overseas Move Easier

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Top tips for moving overseas

I want to move abroad where do I start?

Considering moving abroad but not sure on where to start? Been offered a job and need to relocate? Check out our recent blog post on 10 things expats wished they knew before moving abroad to see what people wished they knew or considered before moving. This will give you a starting point before fully diving into our top tips for making your move overseas easier. 

Moving home as it is can be daunting and moving internationally is just an added pressure on top of that, here’s our moving to another country checklist for you:

1. Start to declutter as early as possible

If you haven’t used it for 6 months the reality is you won’t use it in the next 6, so get rid.

2. Find cheap storage

If you don’t know whether you want to take something, try using a local self storage company, such as our GMS Xtra partners Ease the Squeeze. They can store your personal items for either a short or long term relatively cheaply.

3. Research, research, research

What visas do you need? What paperwork do you need? Where are you moving to? How far from the local shops/ schools are you?

4. Be flexible!

International moves take time, even more so now due to the pandemic, unfortunately, in some cases delays are inevitable so ensure you take the things you need with you when you travel and that you have options should your belongings get held up.

5. Renting or service accommodation

If you haven’t found anywhere to live yet think about renting a short term space so you can move with ease, this will help you have more time to decide the best place for you to settle in rather than settling and then moving again because you don’t like it. And remember, many serviced apartments come fully furnished so use a local self storage company to keep your own furniture safe.

6. Do you need to look for a job?

Research jobs in your area and which industries are thriving in your new country. Many companies are looking for skilled, qualified workers.

7. Learn the local language

This will make you fit in better in your new environment and you’ll be able to converse with new colleagues and friends if you both speak the same language. 

8. Education

Can your children go to the local public school or do they need to go to an international school? If it’s an international school this will incur costs so you make need to factor this into your moving budget.

9. Currency

Need to change your currency over but not sure what to do? Check out our GMS Xtra partner Global Reach who can help with foreign currency transfers.

10. Taking your pets?

Start this process as early as possible as it can take months to get through the process of applications forms and vaccinations. Read more about pet relocation here. 

Before making any decisions why not contact us for a free no-obligation quote just to get the ball rolling? Having a quote will help you decide what’s in your budget and will also give you all the options on how to move your home. Every country has its own rules and laws which you should review before moving. Whether it’s as simple as which side of the road to drive on, to unique tax codes. All of these things are massively important to find out before your move and commit to a new life abroad. If you’re unsure, the embassy is always the best place to ask.

Just remember there are many things to do before moving to another country such as telling your friends and family you’re moving, changing your address to reduce the risk of identity theft (and so you get your post at your new house!) 

At GMS, we’re here to help give us a call on +44 (0) 20 7097 5335 or drop us an email, international removals and relocations are what we do best whether it is road, freight, shipping or air. 

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