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7 Top Tips on How to Make Your Service Accommodation Feel Like Home

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If you are looking to move into short-term accommodation, then serviced apartments can be the ideal solution. But how do you decorate a rental apartment to make it feel more like home? 

Just because your serviced apartment is temporary does not mean you cannot make it as comfortable as possible and more like home. Here are our 7 top tips to help you feel more at home in your short-term accommodation:

  1. Normally a serviced apartment is fully furnished, so you don’t have to bring every single item you own into your short-term rental. Instead, select a few favourite items, such as photo frames, a couple of decorative ornaments, or cushions, to take with you to help personalise the space and make your serviced accommodation feel more like home.
  2. Space can be a premium in some serviced accommodation, so make sure you don’t overcrowd your living space by using a self storage unit to keep the majority of your furniture, boxes, and possessions safe and give you more space to relax.
  3. Take the time when you get there to unpack the essentials, all the stuff you will use on a daily / weekly basis. This will instantly make your temporary accommodation feel more homely as well as stop you from digging through boxes all the time.
  4. Got boxes spare from your move? Save them! You are sure to need them when you move into your next home plus it will save you from buying more. Any broken or damaged boxes can be easily recycled or used to make fantastic forts for your children to play in!
  5. Wondering how to decorate a rental apartment? You can easily make the space your own without causing damage to the space. Display some photos in stand-up frames, add blankets and rugs to make the space cozier. Or use your own table lamps and vases to create a brighter atmosphere, especially if they are filled with your favorite flowers. Avoid hanging any art on the walls as you will only have to repair the holes after!
  6. Don’t want to keep moving your big heavy furniture around? If you do need a bed, sofa, or table, why not look on sites such as Freecycle, Gumtree, and Craigslist (depending on where you are) for some free or cheap items that you could use. Then when you come to the end of your tenancy you could give them away or sell them on.
  7. Serviced apartments, while not your permanent home, are still your home for a short while so why not introduce yourself to the neighbours – a friendly face makes all the difference in the world! Knowing who lives close by will help to make you feel safer and more at home, plus is a great way to start getting to know people in your new location.

These seven top tips are just a few idea on how to help make your serviced accommodation feel more like home. Being comfortable in your short-term accommodation will mean that you will be happier, and relax quicker after a full day of work. Plus not having to live around a mountain of moving boxes is always a bonus, especially when you invite friends round for a night of catching up. 

And remember, just because it’s a serviced apartment and not your forever home doesn’t mean it’s not home for now!

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