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The Best Places To Live in Canada

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Panorama of Toronto skyline at sunset in Ontario, Canada

Canada – North America’s crowning jewel is known for its stunning national parks, the majestic Rocky Mountains, moose, Mounties, and warm, open hospitality. What’s not to like? If there’s one thing we know about Canada, it’s that it’s a large country indeed, covering nearly four million square miles of dramatic landscapes from the US border clear up to the Arctic Circle. So – with such a big country how does one know where is the best place to live? Read on for our ranking of some of the best (though perhaps unexpected!) places to live in Canada.

Toronto buildings and sculptures on a cloudy day

Toronto, Ontario

This one will perhaps come as no surprise – but Toronto is one of the best cities to live in Canada. Suitable for both ambitious, young professionals growing their career as well as growing families, Toronto, Ontario has something to offer everyone. Whether you choose to live within the bustling city limits with a stunning view of Lake Ontario, or you opt for a pleasant suburb you’re bound to appreciate the quality of life Torontonians have grown accustomed to.

Though housing within the city is on the more expensive side, the higher salaries, proximity to exciting activities like the Toronto Raptors, museums, festivals and more tend to offer the type of lifestyle that makes the cost worth it.

View of Edmonton, Alberta skyline against a blue sky

Edmonton, Alberta

Typically flying under the radar on lists of places to live in Canada, and yet completely underrated, is Edmonton. Home to West Edmonton Mall (North America’s largest shopping mall), Edmonton appeals to many due to its location in Alberta – Canada’s province with the lowest tax rate. This makes Edmonton a fantastic combination of a bustling city lifestyle with the affordability of the suburbs. Housing is more affordable than in many other large Canadian cities and it’s also a welcome environment for ethnically diverse communities thanks to a variety of job opportunities.

Edmontonians are known for their friendliness, making this a city easy to settle for newcomers.

Colourful buildings on a lake in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is an island, of course, but also its own province of Canada, part of the Maritime region. It’s also Canada’s smallest province, at only about 140 miles long. Prince Edward Island is remote, accessible only by ferry or the Confederation Bridge from the mainland. The island boasts stunning views, unbeatable seascapes and for outdoor lovers, the lifestyle can’t be matched.

Those who choose to move to Prince Edward Island can enjoy a low cost of living which makes comfortable housing accessible and affordable. You can also expect a slower, more simple pace of life which is attractive to many in a modern complex society.

View of the Pacific ocean from the forest on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Vancouver Island

Another island famed for its breathtaking views, yet on the complete opposite side of the country, is Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Boasting enviable coastal views synonymous with the dramatic beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver Island is another fantastic option for those seeking a more quiet way of life, closer to nature.

Unlike Prince Edward Island in both location and affordability, Vancouver Island is easily accessible and housing is on average with the rest of British Columbia. The area is popular for outdoor adventurists and with families for the small and welcoming families. Do not mistake Vancouver island for Vancouver – as these are two very different places.

View of Vancouver’s skyline from the water with clouds reflected above and below

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia won’t surprise anyone for making our list of the top places to live in Canada. Known as a happy place to live (6th happiest city in the world in 2019!), Vancouver is also a beautiful city surrounded by both water and mountains. It’s also close to the US border which makes travel very convenient.

Those who choose to live in Vancouver can enjoy fantastic cuisine, enjoyable nightlife and culture. But this lifestyle comes at a premium, as housing and living costs are on the higher side. Jobs are plentiful as many industries thrive in Vancouver and it’s also a great place to raise a family.

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