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Canal with Christmas lights on trees either side of water

Moving House Overseas at Christmas

Beginning a new life abroad can be a challenging venture at any time of the year, so it’s no surprise moving house at Christmas brings its own unique ...

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Download Your Moving Abroad Checklist

Moving Abroad Checklist If you’re moving abroad, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by everything you need to sort out before the big day. It’s m...

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How to Pack for an Overseas Move

Moving abroad is hugely exciting, but the thought of packing can be very stressful. Many people often underestimate the size of their move, and the tr...

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Reflection of a woman looking out a window over a large city from a tall building.

Moving and Mental Health: How to Manage the Emotional Stress

For many, the prospect of moving abroad brings new adventures, new opportunities and new improvements to your lifestyle. Moving abroad feeds into a fa...

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Moving to Dublin from the UK

Moving to Dublin from the UK Dublin is a beautiful city that is rich in culture and full of life. If you’re looking to move to Dublin from the UK, you...

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Application for Schengen Vis

Schengen Countries in 2022

Guide to Schengen Area 2022 When researching travel to or between other countries, the Schengen Area may appear across our and other international mov...

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Aerial panoramic cityscape of venice with santa maria della salute church, veneto, italy

Moving to Italy After Brexit

The UK’s departure from the European Union (Brexit) has resulted in confusion for many British citizens who are considering moving to Italy. What was ...

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Person standing in front of the departure board in an airport

Living in France Vs. Germany

Germany and France are both very popular destinations for expats across the globe. Germany, with its booming economy and well-developed infrastructure...

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The nile and famous skyscrappers of cairo egypt

Expat Destinations in Egypt

Without visiting and experiencing Egypt for yourself, understanding the country can be difficult. Living in Egypt really is an adventure, with endless...

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Cairo cityscape at sunset

Is it Safe to Move to Egypt?

Egypt is a fantastic country steeped in history, mythology and archaeological wonders. As a multicultural hub with a beautifully warm climate, it attr...

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