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Moving House Overseas at Christmas

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Beginning a new life abroad can be a challenging venture at any time of the year, so it’s no surprise moving house at Christmas brings its own unique challenges. While initially it may seem overwhelming, with careful planning and a positive attitude, relocating abroad during the holiday season also presents a chance to embrace exciting opportunities.

By following our expert tips, you’ll be well prepared to navigate your move abroad at Christmas.

1. Plan Ahead

When it comes to relocating, preparation is key to a successful move. Plan well in advance, ideally several months before moving, to avoid last minute stress. We’d always recommend using a moving abroad checklist to track important tasks, deadlines and documentation requirements. 

2. Research Custom Regulations

Save yourself the potential hassle at customs by familiarising yourself with the customs regulations for the country you’re relocating to. Get to know any specific rules for importing your belongings as well as any restrictions that may apply to individual items including electronics, furniture and food.   

3. Use Professional Movers

Do your research to ensure you chose a reputable international moving company. Passing the responsibility of ensuring your belongings are safely delivered door to door will save you valuable time, as well as avoiding the added pressure of handling customs paperwork.

4. Downsize Ahead of Moving Day

Moving house at Christmas can offer a fantastic opportunity to give back over the holiday season. Use this as your chance to declutter (and reduce shipping costs!) by donating or selling what you don’t need.

5. Pack Smart 

Create an inventory for your belongings to make sure everything is packed logically and clearly labelled. For those who find packing a less enjoyable task, explore any additional packing services your international moving company offers. We’d recommend packing a separate essential items box to ensure you have instant access to these belongings when you arrive at your new home. 

6. Plan for the Weather 

Consider the climate and weather you’ll be greeted with on arrival at your new destination. Check the weather forecast for the forthcoming weeks and research weather trends that typically apply to the time of year to make sure you pack appropriate clothing.

7. Notify Family and Friends

Again applying as much notice as possible, inform loved ones of your upcoming move and provide your new contact details. You could even consider embracing the festive spirit and sending Christmas cards with your new address.

8. Embrace New Traditions

Although moving house at Christmas can feel disruptive to familiar traditions, use this as an opportunity to explore and embrace new ones. Thoroughly research your new destination and get an understanding of local customs and holiday traditions to allow for an easy integration into your new community. You never know, you may find a whole new way to enjoy the festive season.

9. Stay Organised 

Organisation is key when it comes to moving house at Christmas. Remove any potential stress by keeping your important travel documents and passports in a safe and easily accessible place. 

10. Take Care of Yourself

In amongst the nerves and excitement in the run up to embarking on your new adventure, it’s important to remember the bigger picture. Practice self-care and allow yourself breaks to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season, wherever the destination or traditions that may apply.  

Contact us to guarantee a smooth transition for your move abroad at Christmas.

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