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Canada Express Entry Immigration Guide

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If you are thinking about moving to Canada then you might wonder what the easiest way to do this is. Moving can be stressful at the best of times even when within the same country, but moving abroad can add another level of complexity. Luckily, Canada introduced an express entry scheme in 2015 which allows skilled workers to move to the country with permanent residence after just a few months of applications. We talk you through Canada express entry eligibility so you can understand how easy the process is and if it is suitable for you and your family.

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What is the Canada Express Entry Scheme?

The Canada express entry scheme was introduced in 2015 and is an online entry system that the Canadian government uses to manage applications for permanent residence from skilled workers.

In the 2021-2023 Canada Immigration Levels Plan, the government outlined they would approve 100,000 applications into the express entry scheme annually. Candidates should apply for immigration and they will be ranked against one another on things like age, education and work experience. Successful applications will then be invited to apply for permanent residence in the country.

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible for Canada Express Entry?

If you are thinking about moving to Canada on a permanent basis then one of the best and easiest ways to do this is through express entry. But you might be wondering about Canada express entry eligibility and whether you and your family are likely to be granted entry into the country. A good way to check if you pass the first eligibility test is to answer this set of questions on the Canadian Government website. If you have worked in Canada on a visa before then you can apply through the Canadian Experience Class Immigration scheme. Otherwise you will have to apply through one of the following options.

Canada Express Entry Eligibility Guide

If you are wondering about Canada express entry eligibility, you can apply even if you have never worked in Canada before. You can apply for express entry through the federal skilled trades class or federal skilled worker program. We explain both below;

  • Federal Skilled Trades Class – if you work in a skilled profession such as a doctor, plumber or electrician amongst others, you can apply through this scheme.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program – if you don’t work in a skilled profession you can still apply and gain entry based on your level of expertise and other factors.
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How Do I Create a Canada Express Entry Profile?

The next step in the process is to create your Canada express entry profile online, but there is some information you will need in order to complete this profile. There are some basic pieces of information you will need to include such as;

  1. Approved Language Test – you will need to take an approved language test before making the move in English, French or both as this could improve your score.
  2. Education Credentials Assessment (ECA) – technically this is only needed for federal skilled worker applications, but all are encouraged to complete as it could improve your application.
  3. Valid Passport – this might seem like a straightforward part of the process but as the application process can take several months it’s worth renewing yours if it is due to expire.

Once you have all of the above information, you can then proceed to create your express entry online profile. You can start the application process online.

Can I Improve my Canada Express Entry Profile?

Yes there are a number of things that you can do to improve your Canada express entry profile, and even if you are unsuccessful, you should continue to update your profile as you could be successful next year. Some of the main things you should consider include;

  • Proof of Settlement Funds – this isn’t required if you have a valid job offer but can help improve your application if you can prove funds of $13,213 CAD per person.
  • Valid Job Offer – having a job offer in a relevant field holds a lot more weight than a low skilled position.
  • Accurate Information – don’t be tempted to pad your CV with work experience or skills you don’t have as this is all carried over to your visa application and falsified information will lead to the application being denied.

These are the main aspects of the Canada express entry program but if you do have further questions we can help. GMS are global moving specialists and we have a great deal of experience moving people to Canada. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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