I couldn’t move home without my record collection and hi-fi

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We asked some of our friends from the international moving industry, what personal possessions couldn’t they do without when they move. Mike Brazier explains why his music collection and hi-fi gets special attention when it comes to moving home.

I couldn’t do without my record collection and hi-fi

Moving a record collection and audio equipment

Over the years I’ve collected lots of music. Much to the annoyance of my partner. Tapes, Minisdiscs, CDs and Vinyl, my collection is extensive, eclectic. It is the culmination of years of careful selection and includes some rare items that, if they went missing or damaged in a move, would be very difficult to replace.

Some might call it an obsession and I suppose it is, but it brings me joy. I’m not a particularly materialistic person, but I have lots of good memories tied up with these things. Much of my music collection relates to key moments in my life and have emotional ties.

Moving a record collection and audio equipment
Moving a record collection and audio equipment

I have Spotify and everything ripped and backed up to my iPhone, which is convenient for road trips and travelling on holiday, but for me compressed digital music doesn’t come close to the listening pleasure I get from listening to the real deal.

There is something ritualistic and human in thumbing through your record collection, selecting the album you want and take the time of placing a record on the turntable. It’s an entirely different and richer experience than mindlessly being fed a playlist defined by a computer algorithm. To me, the gentle “thunk” and light crackle sound you get when the needle connects with the record feels so satisfying. The anticipation of the music and the idea of sitting and giving the time to listen to a whole side of an LP. For those twenty or so minutes the world just pauses for a while. No internet or social media.

Vinyl records can be a pain to move. They are heavy, reasonably delicate and need to be packaged and stored correctly. For example in your home, you wouldn’t store records horizontally as they warp so they would need to be moved carefully.

I’d definitely want the moving company to take special care of my music collection.

Moving a turntable and hi-fi equipment requires understanding and care
Moving a turntable and hi-fi equipment requires understanding and care

Moving a turntable and hi-fi equipment requires understanding and care

Of course, part of this experience the hi-fi that I use to play it on. Over the years I have become a big fan of these beautifully created and incredibly delicate pieces of engineering excellence. In my view they are just as part of the living room as the choice of sofa or light. I appreciate the aesthetics of vintage speakers and the simple but delicate set up of a turntable. Some of these items can be incredibly expensive and susceptible to knocks and bangs so need to be secured, protected and moved professionally. When a Lynn turntable can cost as much as a new car, a pair of Quad electrostatic speakers and valve amplifier can cost just as much again, you realise why some people can get very particular about who moves their audio equipment. I’m nowhere near this level, but my turntable is delicate and good enough for me to insist that anyone who is going to handle the move understands moving audio equipment. For example, special care needs to be taken in regard to the tone arm, the platter and the cartridge. They would need be packaged correctly, preferably in their original boxes, and to be set up properly again at the other end. I’d also want it insured.

Music makes a place feel like home

I’ve moved a few times over the years and every time one of the first things I do is to set up the hi-fi and then put on some music. It just helps everyone settle-in. Music makes a new space feel warmer and more friendly.

What couldn’t you do without when you move to a new home?

We understand that some things carry a greater significance. When it comes to moving home, what would you want your moving company to pay special care and attention to? Let us know.

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