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Our Top Packing Hacks For Moving Abroad

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Moving to another country? Wondering how to pack to move abroad? With years of experience in moving individuals and their families abroad, we’ve put together our top packing hacks to help make your move abroad easier, including the best things to pack when moving abroad.

Moving all of your belongings can be a chore so it can be a good idea to travel as light as possible. Start by decluttering a little, selling or donating those items of furniture and accessories that you simply won’t need. 

Our first top hack is…. if you haven’t used it in 6 months get rid of it because you are not likely to use it in the next 6 months!

Think about selling items such as:

  • Fridge
  • Washing machine/dryer
  • TV
  • Sound system

These are bulky items to ship, and quite likely not to be compatible with the electricity in the country you are moving to – so get rid of them or find a suitable self-store facility to keep them in.

If you are moving to a fully furnished home, such as a serviced apartment, there is no need to bring you old furniture with you. You may have the odd item, such as a favourite chair, that you want to take with you, but otherwise use a self-storage facility to store all your remaining large furniture items such as beds, sofas and wardrobes. It can be more cost-effective to buy new on arrival, then ship some items.

Give items such as books and DVDs away to friends, family or charity, or put them into storage. These take up a lot of space and are heavy to pack. So just take your favourites with you as it will help to keep shipping costs down.

One simple hack is to get rid of any clothes that you won’t need in the new country e.g. winter clothes in a country that is modestly warm all year round. 

You can then start packing. If you are using a moving company, such as ourselves, then they will supply you with the right packing boxes and the best packing material for moving. The best packing materials for moving abroad are double-walled cardboard boxes and unbleached packing paper, make sure the removals teams use covers on your furniture to save scuffs and scratches and ensure the furniture is well protected for transit. And don’t forget to securely tape your boxes so that the contents doesn’t fall out!

Our top hack is to vacuum pack your clothes! This will save you lots of space in your packing and you will find you can pack a lot more than you would originally think. Plus it will help to keep your clothes fresh and clean during shipping.

Another time-saving hack is to name the boxes as you go and write yourself an inventory – this way you will know where everything is when it is delivered. 

When moving to another country it’s a good idea to check the voltage output of your new home, you can ask the estate agent for help with this, as your electronic devices may not work on a lower output than what they already use. Pack these items securely in a box, remembering to remove any batteries. 

A really useful hack is to make sure you back up any devices! This will ensure you don’t lose any precious pictures, videos or files during the move. Plus if you have any expensive items (iPads or laptops), keep these in your hand luggage instead of in the hold.

This also applies to any jewelry, sentimental heirlooms or artwork you are taking with you. If they are small, it is best to keep them safe and secure in your hand luggage, or haul luggage, or wear them to reduce the chance of them being lost or damaged. However, larger items will need to be specially wrapped by the removals team.

Love winter sports but don’t know how to get your skis and board across the ocean? Or looking forward to a round of golf at your destination but not sure how to get your golf clubs there in one piece? Don’t worry! GMS Xtra offers an excess baggage service to save you all the hassle, easily shipping any additional items, equipment and even extra suitcases, to any worldwide destination 

Our last hack is to help you make your new place feel more like home quickly -simply take some home comforts with you! A favourite blanket and some photos will help you feel more settled. Shipping your belongings, or having to buy new, takes time so bringing a few of your favourite items with you will instantly make you feel more comfortable. 

Global Moving Services are here to help you with all your moving needs, why not contact to one of our dedicated relocation consultants who are on hand to help you. Whether it’s just a few boxes or a whole house, even your business, we can move you any time anywhere.

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