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Should I take my car with me when moving to a new country?

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There are many things to consider when thinking about moving abroad is it worth taking your car with you? Is it cheaper to sell or ship? Are you really going to need it? Is public transport a better option for you?

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Knowing the value of your car if you were to sell it will greatly impact the decision of whether to ship or sell your car or even buy/lease a new vehicle when you move. You also must consider if the car has any value to you? Is it vintage or sentimental? If yes, then you might want to think about the cost of shipping it as those memories or the rarity of the car cannot be replicated.

If you have no attachment to the vehicle then selling it is more than likely the best option, while it may be difficult not having a car for the first few days of your move you will be able to determine if you need one for your new life and if you do our GMS Xtra partner, International Autosource, will be able to help you out.

GMS Xtra only partners with companies that we know are going to benefit you, International Autosource is one of those companies, as the experts for internationals their direct manufacturer partnerships and privileged pricing make it possible for them to provide leasing, financing, and all-inclusive global rental solutions with no local credit history or driving record. Customers are provided assistance with financing and leasing documentation, as well as registration and licensing.

We know international moves can be daunting, but GMS has the experience and capability to move your vehicle overseas, stress-free and relatively easy. We will deal with customs and help with any paperwork that is needed. In many cases shipping your car is the cheaper option as you may not get a lot for your car when selling it, and then you must factor in the cost of a new car, registration, and insurance. So overall the cost of shipping, in most cases, will come out cheaper. The cost of shipping will depend on the destination.

Exchange rates will also need to be taken into consideration when thinking about buying a car abroad as they will change month to month and you’ll have to work out whether you can afford the vehicle at the different price and like above, the registration and insurance will also be in a different currency so make sure you can afford it all before making any decisions. 

One downside to shipping your goods such as a car is that shipping does take a few weeks at least to get to your new destination, if you are moving quickly then it may take longer for your car to arrive than it will for you. This means that leasing or renting a vehicle in the interim period may be the best option. 

There is a special reduced tax implication overseas for cars that are over 25 years old, so classic and vintage cars may benefit from this. 

If you are only planning to live abroad for 6 months to a year then you may be best off to ask family or friends if they can look after your car as you will more than likely need it when you come home, this would be a cheaper option rather than shipping it back and forth all the time.

Why not give us a call today to see how we can help you, ask us about International Autosource and how they can help you. From the first point of contact to the day the vehicle is delivered, customers receive concierge-level service from an expert consultant available to answer questions, provide updates, and ensure a seamless transition. We’re proud to help our customers with one of their biggest decisions during relocation and look forward to assisting you.

*Also take a look at the new guidelines for Driving in Europe After Brexit.

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