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10 Reasons To Move To New York in 2022

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10 Reasons To Move To New York in 2022

A fresh new year could be the perfect time for a fresh new start. And if you’re looking to move somewhere new in 2022, why not look overseas to the USA? With no language barrier and a very similar culture to the United Kingdom, thousands of people make the leap every year. And if you’ve decided that moving to the USA is the right choice for you, why not move to New York in 2022?

From its convenience to its melting pot of cultures, the benefits of New York are endless. You’ll find an array of delicious and unexpected foods mixed in with a real variety of neighbourhoods, people, and activities. New York truly is the city that never sleeps. Not sure if the city is for you? Our top 10 reasons to live in New York are here to make up your mind.

1. Never Sleeps

The cliche that the city never sleeps isn’t just a cliche, it’s really true. Bars are permitted to be open from 7am until 4am the next day, and there are plenty of establishments that follow this to the minute. And this isn’t just about the nightlife – no matter what time of day or night, whether a snack, a dance or a drink, you can find whatever it is that you need in New York in 2022. 

2. Convenient

Not only can you find whatever it is that you’re looking for, but you’ll also be able to get home with ease. The straightforward layout of the Manhattan streets makes navigation a breeze. Walking several blocks to get where you need to go is not uncommon, so you should invest in some good shoes before moving to the big apple.

3. History

While fairly young compared to many of our British cities, the history of New York is fascinating. First visited in 1524, many interesting historic locations have been formed, some more modern than others. For the history buffs among you, there are monuments and museums to have you busy for months on end. Some of the most popular include:

  • Stonewall National Monument
  • General Grant National Memorial
  • Seaport District
New York City Skyline

4. People

Another reason to live in New York has always been the people. The sheer variety of vocations, cultures, and personalities that this metropolis attracts is astounding. Artists, millionaires, and everything in between live side by side and you are sure to meet at least a handful of individuals with intriguing lives and stories during your time there. 

5. Arts

Art is not limited to New York’s museums. Walking down neighbourhood streets, you’ll catch a glimpse of incredible street art wherever you are, one of the definite benefits of New York. If museums and galleries are more your scenes, New York has ample opportunities for you too. Time Out’s website features some of the best new art exhibitions around the city’s museums, so keep your eyes peeled.

New York City nightlife

6. Amazing Food

With such a huge and varied mix of people in the city, the range and quality of food available are astounding. For many, this is one of the biggest reasons to live in New York. Delicious dishes are available practically on every street corner, the only challenge is finding them. If you are an avid fan of eating out and trying new foods, moving to New York could be the best thing you ever did. Alongside the variety, much of New York’s food is incredibly affordable, including the infamous pizza slices for $1!

7. Neighbourhoods

Living in the big apple, you might think it impossible to find a close-knit neighbourhood environment. However, New York is actually broken up into countless individual neighbourhoods, each with a totally unique personality. You will find that you develop a sense of belonging and familiarity with your neighbourhood, giving it a real small-town experience, despite the millions of people living in the city.

8. Transport

It’s not common that people living in New York own their own vehicles. Taxis, buses, and trains are all excellent forms of transport for getting around this big city. Commuting couldn’t be easier with the transport links in New York, even if you live in the outer skirts. 

A man looking at the buildings in Times Square New York

9. Opportunities

The USA, particularly New York, has developed a reputation as the “land of opportunity”. The city has developed countless cliches attached to the number of opportunities to achieve your dreams. To summarise them all, in New York anything is possible. The variety of businesses that have the space to settle here and the huge array of connections you can make here are sure to open dozens of doors for you – the only challenge is finding the right one for you.

10. Pockets of Green

While New York is the busiest city in the USA, you won’t always be surrounded by concrete. Central Park and other smaller man-made parks throughout the city offer an opportunity to escape to somewhere a little greener than the city streets. Lakes, fountains, and grassy areas can all be found within walking distance if the city ever gets too much.

For more of the best countries to move to in 2022, check out our blog. Wherever your 2022 will take you, GMS can help. We offer a range of moving services to get you settled in your new home. Request a moving quote today and get moving with GMS.

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