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5 Tips for Settling Into Your New Home

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5 Tips for Settling Into Your New Home

Moving home is often described as one of the most stressful life experiences and there is always so much to think about and organise before the move. Because of this, it can often take people some time to settle into a new home, particularly if the move is long-distance or even overseas. We don’t often prepare for after we move in meaning it can take ages for your new home to feel like your own. That’s why you should consider some steps to make sure you can settle into your home without fuss. Take a look at our guide to the top 5 tips for settling into your new home quickly.

Pile of clothes and boxes ready to be organised.

1. Prioritise Personal Spaces

One way that you can quickly get adapted to your new home is to focus on getting your personal spaces in order first before tackling other rooms. This is where you spend most of your time so personal touches and decorations can really help when you haven’t had a chance to redecorate yet. It can be tempting to sort out your kitchen first as you will of course need to eat, but making the bedroom and living areas your own can really help to give a homely feel to your space.

2. Change of Address In Advance

Make sure that you set up your change of address in advance and alert friends and family that you will be moving to a new home. If you are moving around the time of birthdays or seasonal holidays then this can complicate things further. Letting people know your new address in advance means letters and parcels should come to your new home. It will also mean you’re not chasing utilities for bills or trying to get things paid online when you might not have sorted out your WiFi and internet yet.

3. Familiarise Yourself With the Local Area

This is another top tip that can help to get you settled into your new home quickly as it can make things like food shopping much easier. Take a look at your nearest supermarkets and take a trip there before moving so you know where everything is. If you have children then familiarise yourself with routes to school or even plan out your route to work from your new address. Check out things like parking for train stations and make sure you have everything planned out in advance. Looking for the nearest late-night or 24-hour pharmacy or hospital is also a good idea for emergencies.

If moving to an international location, our country guides provide all the advice you need to organise your move and prepare for your new life overseas.

4. Dedicate a Space to Storage

If you can afford to set aside a spare room for boxes and belongings then you should think about doing this in advance as you won’t be able to unpack everything in the first week. There will no doubt be lots of belongings that you don’t need immediately and these things can wait to be unpacked. If you have a garage this is also the perfect space to store items as you look to make sure your living spaces feel homely first. Storing boxes in the room they belong in can become a nightmare as you have to walk around them constantly or end up unpacking when you don’t have the time.

Young family putting up a piece of artwork in their new home.

5. Introduce Yourself to the Neighbours

Making the first move and introducing yourself to the neighbours can make a big difference in helping you to get settled quickly. This can start off a good relationship and they are more likely to offer advice or help when you need it. You don’t have to be the best of friends with your neighbours to have a good relationship and get on well. Being friendly can also help with any disputes in the future. It will also make your neighbours more willing to take in parcels if you are out when they’re delivered, which can really help when you’ve first moved in and are ordering things for your home.

These are just some top tips that can help you settle into your home quickly but with some planning, you can make the whole move seamless. If you are moving abroad, these tips still apply but you should also consider an experienced relocation team to provide expert international moving advice. We provide Global Moving Services for clients moving to all destinations.

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