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Culture Guide: Should I Move To Argentina?

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Puerto Madero - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Sitting at the bottom of our planet, Argentina is a truly fascinating country to visit. Full of rich history and diverse culture, Argentina is slowly starting to become a thriving tourist destination, welcoming thousands of visitors each year.

From the cultural capital of Buenos Aires to the sparse desert region of Salta, Argentina has something for everyone. But if you’re looking to move to Argentina, you may be wondering what the culture is like and whether this is the right place for you. We’ve put together a useful guide which will cover everything you need to know about Argentinian culture and why you should move there.

Mountainous region in Argentina with a lake in the foreground

The People

One of the best things about living in Argentina is the people. Argentinians are laid back and easygoing, making them easy to get on with as an expat. Whatsmore, the people in Argentina are very friendly; it won’t be rare to be invited to plenty of casual barbecues throughout your time there. Argentinians also love to travel, so don’t be shy to introduce new friends to your home and culture.

The Weather

Argentina has a diverse range of climates, spanning from tropical climates in the north to the slightly more temperate climates of Buenos Aires. Winters are mild, and summers are hot and lengthy. Spanning over 2.78 million km², Argentina has multiple climates to enjoy throughout the year

Argentinian empanadas served with a spicy sauce

The Food

Throughout the country, Argentina has a wealth of divine culinary delights to enjoy. In the north, you can find fried empanadas served with a spiced chilli sauce, and when you head to the south, you can indulge in fresh river fish or mountain lamb, traditionally cooked over an open flame. The most infamous Argentinian delight, however, is the beef. Argentinian cattle are reared naturally and thrive in the pampas, resulting in much leaner and more flavourful beef. Argentinian meat is enjoyed most typically on the barbecue.

The Wine

Of course, if trying some delicious Argentinian steak you must pair it with a great glass of wine. Argentina is globally renowned for its wine, with varieties such as Malbec and Torrontes originating from there. Whatsmore, wine is sold at affordable prices in almost every supermarket across the country. We’d suggest taking a wine tour in Mendoza if you’re looking to sample some.

Mountains in argentina

The Sports

Argentina is home to a large number of sports enthusiasts, all across the country. Ushuaia on the southern coast is a great area to enjoy winter sports in the colder months, where people will typically go skiing, sledging, and snowboarding. In the warmer parts of the country, horseriding is a popular sport, as ponies have been a part of Argentine culture since gauchos (Argentine cowboys) roamed the fields.

The Festivals

Argentina has always been a country to celebrate at any given opportunity, hosting an array of festivals throughout the year. Buenos Aires is the most popular, hosting the Buenos Aires International Film Festival, Buenos Aires Fashion Week, and much more. In other regions, Oktoberfest is celebrated as well as Semana de Jujuy, a time when the city of Jujuy comes alive to celebrate its founding.

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