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What are the best cities in Argentina?

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Moving to Argentina promises to be an unforgettable adventure for you and your family, but there are plenty of decisions to be made before moving day. The first, and likely the most important, is: where in Argentina should I live? With so much to offer, there are endless possibilities on offer in each and every Argentinian city.

Whether you’re after a peaceful environment, more exciting activities, great food, or a wealth of other options, there is sure to be a city in Argentina to suit your every need. Take a look at our recommendations for the best cities in Argentina to help you decide where to set your sights.

Mar del Plata baches in Buenoes Aries, Argentina

Buenos Aires

If you’re looking for less of a cultural shift when moving to Argentina, Buenos Aires could be the ideal city destination. With more similarities to European cities, you’ll find the atmosphere and architecture more familiar than in other cities around the country. With the high standard of living, exciting nightlife, and an array of housing options, the capital city is often a popular choice for US and UK expats. Due to its popularity and history of immigrants, there is a sense of openness to foreigners which could make your international move much easier.


You may have already heard of Ushuaia as it’s the southernmost city in the world. Nestled beneath the Martial Mountain Range, the city offers endless ocean views from the stunning harbour as you wander through winding streets. If you’re after an outdoor adventure, the mountain ranges provide ample opportunities for hiking and skiing while the harbour offers stunning sailing, kayaking, and even scuba diving for more avid adventurers. And with higher wages in the area of Tierra del Fuego, Argentines and expats the world over are drawn here to work.

Bridge over the sea out of Rosario, Argentina


Despite being the country’s third-largest city, Rosario is often overlooked in favour of the capital, but this is a grave mistake. With countless museums, galleries, and monuments, not to mention the incredible nightlife, Rosario is a popular destination for young artists and students, as well as a growing tourist destination. If you are searching for culture- and food-packed life in Argentina, Rosario is a strong contender in these departments, while also offering breathtaking views of stunning Argentinian landscapes.

San Juan

Also called the ‘Oasis City’, San Juan is a welcome pocket of lush vegetation and canals in the warm and dry Tulúm Valley. San Juan stands fairly alone in its location, with the nearest large settlement located a 2-hour drive away. Offering excellent public transport links and access to the vineyards of the region, San Juan is popular among locals and expatriates alike. For families hoping to move to San Juan, you’ll be delighted to hear about the wide, safe streets, shops, and good university in the city. If you ever tire of the bustling city streets, you’ll find El Leoncito National Park just a short drive away, at the base of the Andes mountains, to indulge yourselves back in nature.

Landscape with mountain range and lake in Argentina


Neuquén is a newly developing city out of its rural routes into a promising economic jewel for Argentina. There are several industries now forming hubs in this more central city, creating more and more job opportunities for potential expatriates. Living in Neuquén, you’ll enjoy great shopping malls, great roads and infrastructure, and stunning local parks, as well as varied restaurants and museums to visit with the family. Just outside of the city boundaries, you’ll also find fascinating paleontological sites and gorgeous wineries.

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