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The Best Neighbourhoods in New York

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Kips Bay in New York with city skyline in the background

New York City is the number one location on many expats’ lists, boasting an array of new life opportunities, a thriving social culture and endless amenities. Despite this, the Big Apple is one of the most expensive cities to live in in the world, making it quite the challenge to find the right place to live. The various neighbourhoods in New York have their perks and drawbacks when it comes to various factors, such as:

  • Commute distance
  • Transportation options
  • Safety
  • Lifestyle 
  • Housing
  • Educational facilities
  • Cost

Focussing on these variants, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best neighbourhoods in New York, so that when it comes to moving, you’re aware of what’s on offer

Battery Park City during the summertime

Battery Park City

Population: 10,970

Size: 0.54 km2

ZIP Codes: 10280, 10282

Battery Park City is a residential planned community and neighbourhood, located on the western side of Manhattan in New York. The area is bounded by the Hudson River on the west, as well as the West Side Highway to the east. Often called ‘The Battery’ or ‘Battery Park’, the neighbourhood is almost a third parkland, making it a great place for families and pet owners to live. Battery Park City is one of the safest and quietest neighbourhoods in the city and has a wide range of casual eateries and coffee shops for residents and visitors to enjoy. 

The area also has an urban feel and is home to plenty of luxurious condos and high rise apartment buildings, making the high price tag more than worth it.

Urbanised street in DUMBO New York


Population: 1,139

Size: 0.13 km2

ZIP Codes: 11201

Previously known as Gairville, DUMBO (an acronym for “down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass”) is a neighbourhood located in the borough of Brooklyn. DUMBO encompasses two key sections, one located between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, and the other that continues east from the Manhattan Bridge to Vinegar Hill. 

The area is laid back and offers a wide range of modern amenities such as fine-dining eateries, green parklands and small businesses and shops. The streets in DUMBO are friendly, and meeting the waterfront, makes it a very picturesque place to live in New York City.

Town houses in Tribeca New York City


Population: 17,362

Size: 0.86 km2

ZIP Codes: 10007, 10013

Tribeca is a neighbourhood that sits in lower Manhattan, New York, its name being an abbreviation of “Triangle Below Canal Street”. The area has a reputation of being an upscale residential neighbourhood, with easy transport links across the city, making the location ideal for commuters. 

Tribeca is also a very popular spot for families, as the neighbourhood boasts safe public parks, a range of schools and nurseries, and theatres. Popular family events such as the Tribeca Film Festival and the Annual Halloween Parade also take place here.

Kips Bay in New York with city skyline in the background

Kips Bay

Population: 50,742

Size: 1.3 km2

ZIP Codes: 10010, 10016

Kips Bay sits on the eastern side of New York City and is bordered by the East River of New York. Imitating the calmness of the river, Kips Bay is an attractive option due to its calmness. Despite this, the bay offers a diverse mix of restaurants, bars and nightlife, especially along Third Avenue. 

Kips Bay has everything that one would need, including all of the basics such as banks, fitness centres, and pharmacies. There is also a hub for medical care, as well as several hospitals nearby. Are you looking to move to New York City? Read our Moving to USA Guide for more details, or get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your move.

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