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Best Cities in Asia to move to in 2022

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Could 2022 be the year for a huge lifestyle adjustment? Asia is a huge continent with a huge variety in lifestyles. Whether you’re after a new, slower pace of life, or searching for an exciting and modern Asian city experience, the cities of Asia can offer just what you need.

Bright lights of a city in Asia at dusk

The best place for someone to live is not universal. People value different things in different locations, so we can only give recommendations based on generally valued factors. The same is true all over the world, including considering where to live in Asia. The best cities in Asia to live in will be based on categories such as expat quality of life, affordability, work life balance, and housing. Read on to discover 5 of the most popular cities in Asia for expats in 2022.

Aerial view of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, Asia


Singapore is an incredibly popular place for expats from around the globe, with around 1.64 million in the city in June 2020 which equates to around 30% of the city’s population. The population saw a decline during the pandemic as expats rushed home to their families, however the city fared rather well during the Covid-19 outbreak. With a booming economy, fascinating local culture, and safety, Singapore is an excellent place for UK expats searching for a new adventure in 2022. English is a widely spoken language here and there are plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded expatriates in your local area. Green spaces are abundant in and around the city, which is ideal to enjoy the gorgeous warm climate.

Lights of the Shanghai skyline at night

Shanghai, China

Shanghai offers a unique blend of East and West, standing tall as a hugely influential city in China. This sprawling metropolis is never short of things to do and see, making life here an exciting and non-stop adventure. Public transport is excellent, though rush hour can be hectic, and there are excellent prospects for work in the city. Being a city of business, many people are moved to Shanghai on work assignments from the UK, meaning there are countless expat communities to help you to settle in your new location. Like many Asian cities, food in Shanghai is extremely cheap and delicious, and private healthcare is of amazing quality.

Growth in the city is booming, and this is one of the best cities in Asia in terms of Covid-19 survival rate. If you and your family can afford the price tag on accommodation, you’ll enjoy incredible facilities and amenities if you choose to move to Shanghai.

Sunset over Taipei city in Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan

It has been said that Taipei is a great place for foreigners wanting to settle in Asia, known for the easier assimilation and lower pollution levels like other Asian cities. Taipei is one of the best Asian cities for expats, proven by the high number of people who end up living here for a longer term than they had originally planned. The ease of connecting with locals, abundance of opportunities to learn Chinese, and range of outdoor activities on offer make this a great place for expats to move to in 2022. Be aware that it may take some time to adjust to the wetter weather and traffic, but the convenience of life in Taipei is worth it!

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan in Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

With a kind and open population, gorgeous weather, and incredible culture, Bali is one of the top expat destinations in Asia. The relatively low living costs, amazing scenery, and delicious food scene are all cited as reasons for Bali’s population among UK expats. Safety is rarely a concern in built up areas and, although the monsoon season can seem bleak, interests like yoga and meditation are very popular here. Bali is particularly popular among young digital nomads searching for flexible work spaces, fast internet connections, and a relaxed pace of life. The economy here is especially geared towards tourism, so this is not an ideal location for individuals looking to work in skyscrapers and suits.

Red sky of sunset behind Manila skyline in the Philippines, Asia

Manila, Philippines

As one of the busiest cities in the Philippines, quiet moments are hard to come across. The friendly, largely English-speaking population make it a very welcoming place for UK expats to move to in 2022. Even fairly small budgets will stretch to afford recommendations in Manila, particularly 1-bed apartments in the city. There are excellent shopping facilities and green areas, not to mention countless attractions and museums to keep you busy. Education and local amenities are of good quality, meaning you will be able to access just about everything you need from Manila. Note that the heavy Manila traffic can make getting around the city difficult, so you should prepare yourselves for the stress of urban travel.

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