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UK Cities to Move to 2022

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UK Cities to Move to 2022

The UK is filled with some of the best cities in the world, and older historic cities are developing newer, younger, more exciting corners. So if you’re thinking of relocating to the UK in 2022, here are five of the best cities you should consider.



We kick off our list of best cities in the UK to the north of the country with Manchester. This vibrant, modern city has a bustling city centre, brilliant art scene and excellent educational opportunities, making it one of the best cities to live in the UK for students. Not to mention, Manchester is home to a world renowned music scene and lively nightlife. Manchester is definitely on the rise, so if you’re looking for the dynamic city experience, this could be the place for you.


Edinburgh, renowned for its comedy and arts festivals during the summer months, is home to some incredible architecture and is also on our list of the best cities in the UK. The Scottish capital has also developed into a brilliant city for street food and other delicious delicacies, making it a great location for foodies. Home to the famed Edinburgh Castle and other historic landmarks, this city is a fantastic choice if you’re looking to add a little history and culture to your everyday life.

Hdr clifton suspension bridge in bristol


Bristol is definitely a city that is up and coming in this country. In recent years it has gone on to become one of the most sought-after cities for homeowners looking to move away from the rising prices of London and the South East. If you’re looking for an affordable place to plant your roots in the UK, Bristol should be a serious contender.

Rated one of the safest cities in the country, Bristol is one of the best places to live in the UK for families, with thriving educational opportunities and respectable universities to choose from. It has also grown into a city specifically geared towards the creative industries, with a buzzing art scene, with more and more job opportunities and exciting start-ups arising in the area.



The Welsh capital has become a city recognised for a buzzing nightlife, yet still offers a number of other beneficial amenities. For those looking for the best of both worlds, glorious countryside awaits you right outside of Cardiff with an array of outdoor activities for you to take part in. It is often said that Cardiff is able to thrive as a classic city whilst also offering a more community feel to its residents, which could explain why so many students tend to stay in the city past the completion of their degree.

Cardiff offers a brilliant city atmosphere, with plenty of bars, pubs and clubs to choose from within the city centre, as well as a recently redeveloped bay area offering a number of brilliant shops, as well as diverse locations for events and other entertainment. There is never a dull moment in Cardiff.


Liverpool is not only home to one of the most famous bands of all time, but you’ll also find a number of incredible heritage sights within the city, including the likes of Pier Head and the Royal Albert Dock. There really is so much Liverpool has to offer, including the number of parks around the city, making it great for outdoor sports, such as football and rugby popular amongst locals. Liverpool also offers booming nightlife and an incredible selection of galleries found down by the waterfront.

Compared to other, more southern cities in the UK, Liverpool also offers more affordable costs in and around the city for all your everyday needs, making it a popular destination for people to settle down.

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