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Moving to the UK After Brexit

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Ever since the historic referendum results were revealed in 2016, there have been many questions about how this will impact the lives of people who wish to live and work in the UK. EU, EEA and Swiss citizens once had special rights to live and work in the UK when still in the EU, however criteria has now changed and people from these nations will have to apply for a visa.


Moving to the UK After Brexit

The UK still remains one of the most desirable locations for those looking to move, whether in search for new career opportunities, engaging in the culture or enjoying a better quality of life. However, the process for living and working in the UK has changed significantly since the country’s exit in January 2021, and has even impacted the EU citizens already living there. Here we outline everything you need to know about moving to the UK after brexit.


Living in the UK after Brexit

If you’re already an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen living in the UK, you can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme for a settled or pre-settled status. Successful applicants will be allowed to remain after June 30th 2021, even though the UK is no longer a member of the EU. Here are the documents that will be required when you and your family apply to the EU Settlement Scheme:

  • Valid ID card
  • Any documents that show how long you have lived in the UK
  • Any previous convictions

You can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme here. Please note, the deadline for applicants is June 30th 2021.


United Kingdom and European Union flags.

New rules for long and short stays

If you are planning on moving to or staying in the UK, either on a long or short term basis, it is important to be aware of the new rules that have been put into place.


Points-based system

When the UK was a member of the EU, those migrating from EU countries obtained an automatic right to work in the UK. Taking control of immigration was a strong theme in the Leave Brexit campaign, therefore the new system will work on a points basis. If you wish to qualify for a visa, migrant workers will need 70 points. Here are the ways migrants can receive points:

  • Getting a job offer from an approved employer is worth 40 points.
  • Speaking the English language will earn 10 points.
  • If the applicant is due to be paid at least £25,600 a year this will earn the final 20 points.

Find out more about the UK’s points-based immigration system on the UK government website.


Working during a short stay

In most cases you will not be permitted to work in the UK if you are staying for a short amount of time. Whilst there may be exceptions, for example attending a meeting or convention, it is unlikely you will be able to work. You can learn more about which work activities are allowed on a short term stay here.

Are you looking to move to the United Kingdom? Take a look at our Moving to the UK relocation guide for further information.

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