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Where is the best place to live in South America?

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With more and more businesses around the world re-evaluating their way of working, remote working is opening up more opportunities to move further afield. We are no longer tasked with the monotonous commute every morning, but rather given the freedom to choose where we work best. In these cases, moving abroad is suddenly a very real possibility.

South America is a vibrant and exciting part of the world, with a huge range of countries and cities to suit any interests. Cities vary from soaring metropolia to stunning mountainous backdrops, with electric nightlife to safe family neighbourhoods – there’s no shortage of choice! So if you are interested in living in South America, you could be spoilt for choice. Check out our recommendations for some of the best places to live in South America, from Argentina to Colombia.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, a great place to live in South America

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The unique blend of South American and European culture creates a fascinating atmosphere in Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. As an extremely popular city to visit in South America, Buenos Aires offers a wide range of accommodation, architecture, and communities. The population, for the most part, stems from immigrants from Europe, meaning that natives are hugely welcoming to foreign visitors and there are plenty of diverse communities on offer.

The art and music-filled, warm, social atmosphere in Buenos Aires provides a higher quality of life than London for many people! Exciting nightlife and delicious food also make the city great for students and young people. Could Buenos Aires be your next adventure?

Santiago de Chile, one of the best places to live in South America

Santiago, Chile

Santiago de Chile is an extremely popular destination for expats hoping to move to South America. Chile’s more stable economy means that it’s home to a flourishing financial sector, and bilingual people are in high demand in many industries. Teaching English is also a popular venture for British and American expats in Chile.

Santiago is a great palace for young professionals to live in, with plenty of job opportunities partnered with exciting nightlife and cultural events. While quite an expensive city to live in, the backdrop of the Andes mountains behind Santiago is a stunning setting for this exciting city, with a range of different landscapes, from snow to sand, within easy reach.

View over Cuenca, Ecuador, one of the best places to live in South America

Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca is loved by expats and visitors from all over the world and is hailed as a real mix of the old and the new. The cobbled streets and feats of architecture are combined with solid infrastructure and stunning city skylines. Furthermore, the surrounding Andes mountains offer respite for any nature lovers nervous about moving to a foreign city.

While a modern city with everything you could need, including great medical facilities and train connections, the many museums and even the buildings themselves offer a real taste of history. Cuenca also benefits from a lower cost of living when compared to other nearby cities, so you can spend your time worry-free at cultural events and out in nature.

View of Macchu Pichu near Cusco in Peru, South America

Cusco, Peru

Another city with cobbled streets and charming buildings from colonial times, Cusco has everything you could need. Modern conveniences are in abundance in Cusco, with shops, medical facilities, and restaurants all on offer. A huge advantage to Cusco is its proximity to Machu Picchu, an unmissable wonder, so adventurers would feel right at home in Cusco. Be aware that tourism is popular here, so busy streets in peak seasons are not uncommon.

Streets of La Antigua in Guatemala, South America

Antigua, Guatemala

Closer to the US, Antigua is a great place for expats, particularly those looking to retire to South America. The low cost of living and stunning landscapes make it especially attractive to people searching for a slower pace of life. Tourists venture here from all over the world to learn about the fascinating history of Antigua, as well as enjoy the world-class cuisine of Guatemala.

The picturesque, colourful streets of Antigua are a pleasure to walk, with everything you need within a short radius as the city is quite small. It’s also a great palace to learn Spanish, with locals willing and accepting of learners of all levels.

If any of these incredible cities, or anywhere else around the world, has taken your fancy, GMS are here to help. Our blog is full of advice when it comes to international relocation, or you could simply get in touch to see how our expertise could benefit your global move today.

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