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Where Can I Move to from Canada

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There are endless reasons for a move abroad, from better work prospects to a better quality of life. But with so much documentation and additional bureaucracy involved, it’s often difficult to know where it is actually possible to move to. If you’re living in Canada and are a Canadian citizen, there are endless opportunities for you to expand your horizons around the globe.

Curious about where you can move from Canada? With enough patience, time, and often funds, it is most likely possible to move to the destination of your dreams from Canada. The following guide provides a good idea about where your passport can take you and where is best to move for Canadian expats.

Canadian Passport

Canadian citizens are fortunate enough to own one of the most powerful passports in the world. This means that travelling with a Canadian passport is one of the easiest ways to get around the globe, with 140 countries allowing entry without a visa. This, of course, depends on the reason and the length of time for your international visit. Many countries require no visa at all for short visits, while other countries make it possible for Canadian visitors to acquire a visa on arrival.

If you are travelling without a visa for a shorter period of time, there are certain documents that are useful to have to hand. This includes proof of accommodation in the country, proof of sufficient funds to support you and any dependents, and proof of travel insurance.

Canadian passport in a departure hall at an airport.

Best Places for Canadians to Move Abroad 

If you’re looking to take the plunge in 2022 and move overseas, it’s a good idea to look at your options in terms of the best places for Canadians to live. There are several factors that can contribute to this list, including the ease of the process, language barrier, and quality of life for expats. The following countries are some of the best places to move from Canada in 2022.


Chile has a strong economy and is full of opportunities for expats from all over the world. Due to the demands for bilingual workers, jobs in teaching English to natives can be a great vocation for Canadians hoping to move abroad for a new life. Plenty of exciting cities, as well as stunning mountain ranges, provide the ultimate combination for a great life for Canadian expats. Without a visa, Canadians are permitted to visit Chile for up to 90 days.


Another vibrant and fantastic country in South America, Peru is an affordable and stylish place for expats, particularly those hoping to retire abroad. The variety in the landscape across the country means you could never be bored, from beaches to rainforests. Like Chile, Canadian citizens are able to visit Peru for up to 90 days without a visa. There is also a retirement visa option for Peru, which is not always possible for expats.

Sunny picture of Queenstown in New Zealand


Singapore is an incredibly popular place for expats from all over the world, renowned for being an excellent place to live and work abroad. English is widely spoken in the world of business, meaning a language barrier would not put off those hoping to make a living in Singapore. Singapore is also a fairly easy country to emigrate to, especially if you are considering moving away from Canada with your family.


Following in Dubai’s footsteps, Qatar is also another rising expat destination, with generous salaries and often good packages for expats working there with families. Tax-free salaries for expats in Qatar are a huge draw for international workers. As such a popular country for expats, it will be easy to find groups of like-minded individuals to socialise with, making your acclimatisation process all that much smoother.

New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand is also a great decision for Canadians looking for a new environment. If you qualify as a skilled worker in the eyes of the New Zealand government, emigration from Canada will be a fairly simple process. The country of New Zealand is a notoriously stunning destination, a site for countless movie sets, with plenty to rival the natural beauty of Canada.

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